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Meet Billie Vasdev, DMD, BDS

Dr. Billie Vasdev

Dr. Vasdev has been a Family Dentist since she graduated from the University of London, England. She continued her education at the University of Connecticut, where she graduated with a DMD degree.

She received the American Academy of Orofacial Pain Award, the American Association of Endodontics Award, the American Academy of Oral Medicine Award and the Alpha Omega Fraternity Award. Dr. Vasdev is an active member of the American Dental Association and Minnesota Dental Association.

She enjoys teaching part time at RCTC Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant programs. She moved to Rochester in 1996 to join her husband and has three children. Her hobbies include writing in her spare time. She is a recipient of the Chi Shu Writing Competition and has received an honorable mention in the Winnipeg Free Writers Press Competition.